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The Haveli Dharampura Experience.

An incentive programme with Haveli Dharampura ensures you, your valued clients and your employees have a royal pampering in Old Delhi. Every element of your stay, from the cultural activities to the delectable cuisines and world-class services, has been carefully curated to give each visitor a special sense of exclusivity and grandeur.

Exceptional Experiences

Encounter traditions that come alive at the beacon of heritage - living, captured and experiential! Let your guests and tpop employees walk through the hallowed halls of Haveli Dharampura, pouring over photographs, watching a riveting session of Kathak unfold in the balconies and indulging in epicurean immersions, the perfection of Indian cuisines.

Kathak at Haveli Dharampura

An Enthralling
Performance of

Haveli Dharampura invites you, your team and your guests to live through a time in history known for its panache and opulence, supporting the soulful arts. We carry forward this legacy of the Mughal era bestowed on us with zeal and celebration that has come to define the Haveli Dharampura experience.  

Kite Flying at Haveli Dharampura

Kite Flying on the

The close relationship with the locals lets us craft specific experiences that are home to Chandni Chowk. Enjoy time away from work by flying kites and getting to enjoy a decadent 3-course High-tea on the Haveli’s rooftop. Enjoy the breathtaking view of Old Delhi and the blue sky filled with vibrant colourful kites soaring in the breeze.  

Dining at heritage hotel in Delhi

Sundowner at

Carefully curated wines and cocktails are hosted on the rooftop of Haveli Dharampura. Spend an evening like a royal in the Mughal era - with private and exclusive immersions of classical music of tabla and sarangi, surrounded by the architectural beauty and grandeur of Haveli dharampura whilst  sipping champagne and building conversations with your team.

Culinary Journeys

Whether indulging in the seven-course chef’s tasting menu at Lakhori or an experiential epicurean fare inspired by India, treat yourself to delicacies crafted by chefs par excellence while lounging in the wonderful ambiance of the Haveli.

Lakhori in Haveli Dharampura

A Seven Course Chef’s tasting menu at

Inspired by Chandni Chowk, the culinary capital of North India, Lakhori brings home in style and sophistication, the street food spirit of the famed Galis, refining the palate and perfecting the presentation, making the best of Old Delhi accessible to the attendees of the incentive event. 

Luxury Dining at Haveli Dharmapura

Experiential Dining

Experimenting with the concept of the Modern Indian Cuisine the restaurant combines artful presentation with tasteful Indian ‘tadakkas’. Treat yourself to delicious delights created by chefs par excellence while lounging in the wonderful ambience of the Haveli.  

Exclusives and Buyouts

Transform the entire Haveli Dharampura property into your own, guarantee the highest levels of personalisation, privacy, and exclusive access to amenities, and ensure that every guest departs feeling uniquely acknowledged and appreciated. This is the ultimate incentive group experience.

The Haveli Dharampura in the Press.

Heritage Stays

The Haveli is beautifully restored with intricate designs of woodwork and sandstone, sculptures and Hindu goddesses engraved in stone and metal, antique balconies and jharokhas that open to the chirpy pigeons and busy roads of Chandni Chowk. When it comes to incentive travel, our Haveli offers the ideal stay pairing architectural beauty with contemporary amenities.

Stay at Heritage Hotel in Haveli Dharampura
Architecture at Haveli Dharampura

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