Travel Agent Policy

Travel Agent Policy

We have always been in the endeavour to protect the interests of our Travel Partners who dedicatedly and consistently make the effort to promote our unique experiences amongst their loyal client bases.

With the distribution of all hotel inventory now globally available online in real-time, it is crucial for us to devise a policy which is transparent and fair to protect the interests of our esteemed travel partners.

We have hence introduced the Travel Partner Best Rate Guarantee Protection Policy which would ensure that our Travel Partners are fully protected in every possible situation.

More details on this are below:

1. Best Available Rate applies to authorised rates available to the general public on online channels. It does not apply to contracted, wholesale, group or contracted rates, packaged or opaque rates. Any unauthorised representation of these rates on any online channel is considered breach of contract and will not be considered.

2. At any point of time if the travel partner rates including a supplement on weekends or travel partner rates during weekdays are higher than the online rates, the travel partner will be given a 10% cut and pay commission on the travel partner rates as provided by us. The travel partner must immediately take a screenshot of the rates and plan type with all detailed information and then submit a claim form with all the necessary details via our tool on the website designed for this purpose and the same will be acknowledged and processed within 2 working hours of this claim form being submitted. The Travel Partner in the meantime may quote rates to their client on this basis in the meantime to secure their booking with the client provided the above criteria are met in a fair and comparable manner.

3. In case the request does not meet the conditions laid out under this policy, our customer services will send you an email indicating that you cannot benefit from “Best Rate Guarantee”, indicating the grounds for this refusal within 2 working hours from the time of submission of the claim.

4. A screenshot displaying both the date and time of the capture and the lowest price found using our website must be attached to the request form, along with all the other required fields to be filled in the form. Incomplete or incorrect requests, or those which include ineligible or incomplete documents, will not be processed.

5. Requests must be submitted as soon as the rate discrepancy is found by the Travel Partner online and no later than 48 hours before the planned arrival at the hotel. To comply with these deadlines, you should refer to the dates and times mentioned in your booking confirmation email.

6. If the request does not meet the conditions above, our customer services will send you an email indicating that you cannot benefit from “Best Rate Guarantee”, indicating the grounds for this refusal.

7. We ask the travel partners to read these general terms and conditions carefully before each request, as they may have been modified. Any request involves the prior consultation and acceptance of these general terms and conditions by means of a checkbox provided for this purpose and which includes a hyperlink referring to these general terms and conditions.

8. We reserve the right to amend these general terms and conditions at any time. The amended terms and conditions shall take effect on the date they are put on-line on the website and shall apply to any request submitted on the website from the time they are put on-line.

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